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In my student years the following sentence of William Shakespeare “Tis the times’ plague, when madmen lead the blind” ( left a mark in my life. But after years i understood actuality of these words and i`ve made above written idiom the epigraph of my article.
I`m very like american lifestyle and culture. Many of people can object me generalizing american culture with european. But it`s obvious that the american nation is formed from nationwide cultures including european, african, indian and asian. Americans rarely use the french words “adieu” and “chair” forgetting it`s origin. Even greeting the hawaiian word “aloha” is used in many countries because of spreading throw american english language.
A lot of US editions like to find and define the dictators of the modern world. Also presidents of the most popular and influent US political parties, namely the US Democratic Party and the Republican Party have single conception in international policy known as “Non-interventionist Foreign Policy”. Every decade the US presidents change their positions but not direction in foreign policy. Almost all of US presidents become the president because of dividing US electorate to 2 major groups of democrats and republicans during presidential elections. Other US members of political parties because of absence electorate and because of electoral system after first round of elections goes to the side of 1 of the members of 2 dominating political parties. So, the conceptions of the RP and DP becomes the system which has it`s own history and future and to defeat and change is almost impossible. This 2 groups of governs not only the life of americans for several hundreds years but world after making USD the monocurrency by which is paid almost any service and good nationwide (world economy). It is not a secret that cultural and economical relatives EU and US manages the whole economics of the world by pressing using economical leverages. On 21 December 2012 EU made considerable sanctions to Iran ( MAGATE by EU pressing gets the main bread of Iran on which exists it`s economy and financial system – petroleum.
I`ve statement “absolute democracy is absolute anarchy”. I think that USA`s democracy is the well democratic can`t be questioned. In the USA people changes their gender, normal human traditions of life, physical human body calling it body modification without problems with parents and society. The indian man and veteran of US army forces who called him tiger-man recorded as man who made the record number of plastic surgeries to look for tiger changing his human nose, lips and eyes.
The US congress during many years considers the bill of legalization narcotic substances. I repute that americans is well educated nation than others but intellectually they are not in the first place. The USA is leader of addicts. Perhaps after several years in America leave only illness addicts and AID infected homosexuals.
When i post some article of public policy on 1 of the best read and popular american political blogs i have been banned because of rating which valued and commented me homosexuals. It`s very interesting homosexuals in US can not only develop but fight for their conceptions more than normal heterosexuals. 1 of users called my banning heterophoby. I don`t know how can normal people and parents see the information perversion and child molestation. To exist homosexuality need future – children who lures on gay –parades.
It`s time for international policy. Americans and europeans likes to seek guilti. Ronald Reagan on 8 March 1983 called the Russian Federation the “Evil Empiry”. The american magazine Foreign Policy and other american and european human rights organization every year makes the list of world dictators isn`t including West Countries. But… Western coalition forgets about war in Iraq on 2003 against Sadam Hussein and West Countries.
That`s convenient to war because of good motives for find imaginable nuclear weapon and to free world against dictators. By the fact after end of the “Gulf War” till nowadays the nuclear weapon were not found. It`s very interesting too how the US secretary of state mr. Colin Powell intently showed faked ials of anthrax on the 5 February 2003 to the UN Security Council saying it`s deeds of mr. Hussein.
In US president electioneering republican mr. Mitt Romney answered to mr. Barack Obama`s new strategy of “non-touching” other countries that USA is gives freedom but not dictate.
That`s very interesting. Maybe problems with my eyes or mind but how it calls to war with political opponent, namely antiamerican who doesn`t want to be a proamerican.
The US congressmen have long wanted not only during “Arabic Spring” intervene to Syria, better to say to give freedom or how it names in american language. Sorry for my american english language.
Another parallel is war in Afghanistan where is hornet’s nest where were based Al Kaida, Taliban and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.
In any case democracy should be constructive but not destructive.

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