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In this analytical survey i want to write about the last condition of the form of government – democracy.


On February, when i lied on the bed and listened the killing Oscar Pistorius i had understood that sometimes the power can give us more harm than profit. The pistol for under the influence of drugs can make from good man bad.
So, sometimes the power can be in hands of not incorrect man who can direct it in incorrect side. The Republican Party of the US was created on the basis of old english type country governing. Pioneers and founder of the american state authority – britishmen holds not only political conservative parties with it`s ideologies and red line in House Of Parliament but Westminster System. If the red line which is used in the ancient ages as border or stop line which passing by mps were signal to attack, is not worthy to pay attention, but conceptions of political parties is important detail. Conservative englishmen founded the Respublican Party of US which defended the rights of the North America were political and then after some time war opponent of the Democratic Party of the US. The struggle in the political circles can`t prevented the real American Civil War. Consequently, from the early years, also it can be said from the beginning the Grand Old Party (vice name of the RP) had classical english conceptions against modern (the DP is older than RP) views and ideologies of the New World which formed in North America. In North America english invaders came across with new country forming which created on cultures and nationalities of the many nations (indian, spanish and french) who arrived and created different country than UK but with dominion english language.
So it was my short study of the history and conceptions of the US political parties. I want continue my thoughts about the democracy and the DP.
It comes time to underscore in my opinion the main reasonable differences between the DP and the RP. The DP is supports the “Legalization Of Same-Sex Marriages” . I wrote many posts on russian news editions (…) about the harm of homosexuality. I`m protestant and not only use the Christ`s commandments of natural, human and rational marriages but i`m the scientist too. In this case i repute the RP has right vital direction of restricting of same-sex marriages which probably formed because of christian routes. It needs a propaganda and development of poems and organizations to keep it minds and use it. So, for homosexuals for their future it needs promotion of their concepts. Yearly gay parades in Miami gather more than 250 000 of gays. For US population which is 315 148 622 people the previous figures are very considerable. It`s almost the hundredth of US. The development of homosexuality and sex made US the leader in divorces with 43 percents.
It`s interesting that some political parties are attempt “Drug Legalization” regardless of statistics of addicts in which the USA is leader too. Thanks God new president of the USA mr. Barack Obama awaked the american society which perhaps because of narcotic intoxication wanted legalize it.
The RP cancel reduce of the armory of US population. “Civilian Gun Control” is necessary for country in which is made more than 15 000 crimes.
In the end i`ll add some important fact about world democracy.
In the 2010, the “Arab Spring” began from the world famous american social networks: Facebook and Twitter. By the fact in Egypt and Libya during the war conflicts and manifestations the internet and even the mobile network were blocked. The modern technologies give to users the alternative to military signal communication system. After war in Libya the quantity of victims per week were more then 70 000 people. After the war in Iraq the quantity of dead american soldiers were more than during the war(……).
I consider the democracy should be constructive but not absolute which lead to destruction. Without management the car can`t move. So, every human need managers and democracy – the people management but it should give to people only construction and happiness but the harm.
The last year was fruitful and regulative for me. I handed to several internet projects and companies ( and wrote my first philosophical and fiction book – “Rebellious Women” with documentary histories about world women slavery and prostitution which is available on my official website –
I`m grateful for every comments, tweets and likes and time which every reader spends with me and my thoughts. Despite of my projects and activities are develops not so fast but i`m believing and waiting for my time and wish the eternal wish to fight with problems and have achievements to everyone.

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