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When in USA proclaimed new laws for illegal migrants the news in my Uzbekistan had arrived faster than throw mass media. Law boom about having US citizenship shook up the whole world.
Before writing the main part of my economical post, i want to write some recommendation and proposal to appropriate US departments. The USA is leading country of the world in economy (financial means), science (improved technologies and life), sport and show business (entertainment). Consequently, the Economical Crisis and National Debt could be prevented by making business on above spheres. The US can make work the all outdoors because of being the most wanted and desired country just by increasing the days of visa admission (every visa fee is from 160 – 190 USD).
The current tendencies in the European Union troubles not only EU but the whole west world. Nowadays only the German Democratic Republic in the black with GDP in 1 percent. Apparently the business in EU will continue decrease. The Government Debt of the Greece in last year is 347.6 yet. How it known if man doesn`t paying the debts only will rise. Also the Budget Deficit of the Hellas in 5.5 percents defines the existence of the future manifestations and strikes. It isn`t a prophecy but it`s a life truth. If car doesn`t accelerates sooner or later another 1 bypasses it.
On the February Cyprus government made a statement about future help from EU ( In 2012 year Italy warned EU about possible financial support. In my opinion this year several countries of the Euro Zone will ask for financial aid ( The previous european debtors North Ireland, Portugal and Spain goes on the razor’s edge and after little volatility in the international markets (rising prices of oil and products) and spending borrowed money from EU will ask for them too.
On the February 2012, the UK prime minister mr. David Cameron announced about variable leaving the EU by UK. In that case EU can`t not only hold the locomotive – members which pulls the all Euro Zone but old debtors which balk to pay debts making their economics – bankrupt calling formally it National Default.
Perhaps prophecy that has more than 2 000 years old about Babylon which will govern of many kingdoms that will plunder it comes true. ( – John`s Revelation 17:16 – John`s Revelation 18:15).
Recently i`ve changed my job place from Runet to Usnet. If i worked in Runet during several years in Usnet for me it`s new job place. In Runet on Google statistics and seek the search query “farruh yusupov” is popular yet. I`m contented that Russian speaking users seek me and my ideas. During the seeking political and economical blog in Usnet and Euronet i found many place to work but “” is blog and community which is really is 1 of the best web resources not only for politics but for many spheres of e -life. A subdomain, navigation, user`s web design, and comments option of the “Blogactive” is 1 of the best in the world.
I like that in US and west the policy and public policy is well developed. I`m thankful to any reader and user whose writes critics and comments which are objective and based on facts. Without people managing can`t be democracy.

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