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Economy of the New Age

In this analytical article and mini investigation i`ll try to discover the modern types of economy.


In the many families the brothers have the same interests because of surrounding soil (atmosphere). . Economy of the European Union becomes similar to the economy of the United States of America, namely the EU economy repeats way of US. When i surfed the internet resources for forming the economic forecast of EU i had got revelation. It`s evident that US sovereign government debt grew step by step, precisely year by year. Currently US have more than 16 trillion US dollars.
The national sovereign debt of 17 countries of the EU in 2011 year was 87.3% of GDP compared to 85.4% in 2010 year and 80% in 2009 year (…). As we can see the sovereign debt of EU is rising every year. How it known, if does not stop the access of water to bottle, sooner or later the bottle will be fulfilled. Also there`s interesting facts: in the first tenth of the biggest world debtors is only EU countries except the USA and Japan. It also becomes evident that if UK leaves the countries – locomotives of EU (Germany and France) which rules and directs the EU and mainly financially supports EU, who will push other european countries which more consumes (financial aid) than works. The future of EU as i`ve been noted in my early post and papers is not hopeful.
2012 year GDP of the Russian Federation, which is estimates more than 3,200.000 US dollars overtook the GDP of second european economy – UK which GDP is 2,258.374 US dollars. In Europe remains only Germany in the way of RF. The EU now is overtaken not only by China and Japan. The weakening of the strong dog automatically makes strong another one.
In the next part of my survey i want to notice the modern, economical tendencies. I think it`s better to delay the payment of obligor for credit, invest or bank company than return of used goods without money. How it`s known the financial funds is the source of existing of any commerce company. Every US government debt increasing allows to US remain in the leader place in the world economical and political system. Who have money orders the music, isn`t it? It`s evident that USA manages NATO (arm force of Europe) and G8 (economical and political tendency of the rest world). China and Japan comprehended the USA influence and in the 2012 rejected from US dollars reserves. The US default will decrease not only US economics but the whole US dollar holders by devaluating their saving. US also isn`t interested in default, because in that case the force of US political opponents will increase too (…). In the 2011 USA officially is announced the antimonopol and economical war against economical integration of the China. Chinese cheap article automatically captures the poor countries and becoming poor Eurozone (…).
US financial system of money printing also known as US machine, have the specific feature – inexhaustibility. In the home makes rules the owner. Also, in US financial system makes US, namely The Federal Reserve of USA. In that case default of USA can be every time avoided by printing financial funds for many years prolonging the end of old european domination of the world. EU adopts this strategy effective economic strategy. Probably, financial system of money printing of USA and EU will be benefit not only for these countries but for all holders of euro, dollars and eurodollars (US dollars out of US).
Perhaps, this situation will continue for several years before coming of other economic and political poles in the face of asian economical and political invaders among them China, Japan, South Korea, India and Russian Federation.

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