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My regards, dear readers. This morning, due to an accident in our power lines, to prevent which i requested the appropriate state agencies to increase volume of liquefied gas in order to avoid congestion on the winter time, i stayed for a few hours without electricity. But at this time probably at the behest of God, my grandmother called me to help her, and i didn`t want to have advantage transport unit , but walk for a few miles, during which i found in my opinion, a lot of good thoughts. When i began to publish in 1 of the most asked and widely read political U.S. blogs «DayliKos» (, which decodes as “Daily Comments,” i didn`t want to leave this job place and to remain in the US paid services. Despite of my mistakes in speech 1 user wrote about me « his admiration», and many other comments, and most importantly my paper began to publish other bloggers ( % 20Wit% 20Group/). But after the second article my account was blocked. The most offensive was absence of opportunity to defend myself, by responding to other user’s offensive comments. In my second article the conception, which i described in russian information agency i wrote about the danger of homosexuality and power in the hands of the “incorrect majority”. My post was prophetic because of the number of comments for defense of homosexuality, my rating went down and, in the result, i was blocked. How can normal people, who love own young brothers, nephews and children, sit without action seeing as the animal people are corrupt and molesting their children and youth (the foundation of any society) by homosexual ideologies. It’s a shame. 1 user called it even heterophoby to me and to people with normal and human orientation. Administration of russian NA “MFD” kindly removes user`s comments, which haven`t objective information, but insulting. Although, i would like to respond to every comment. Since childhood, i sometimes confronted with group of people and society, including in school, college (even against the teachers and managers), and even with my beloved protestant church. I don`t know but sometimes i like to stand up for my ideas, which are true and which are only bringing benefit to me but humanity. In animal`s nature of fighting breeds it`s called gaming or passion. To people who have little faith in me and my ability, i just smile and i think every strong man must conquer only his end, but not the way. After a short digression i’ll present readers and most importantly those who are dealing with large masses of people a secret, which in my view, the root of conflict cause in politics, society and between people – not following the life of truth (justice or right). You know, almost all women, who see me (physical appearance, knowledge of psychology and management of contact persons), chase me, even though only some of them know about my small, but achievements. But the saddest is that some men run after me too. For some people, this may see as matter of pride, but in reality society destroys itself not only with abnormal international policy of aggression, low spiritual society, public policy, with support of the abnormal minorities and even the economy. U.S. annually spends only about 631 billion dollars for arming thereby engaging in a big crisis and taking away financial funds from the state budget, which could be spent on good spheres: health, education and science. I allow myself to choose some ridiculous in my opinion and yet tangible financial costs, which are the state budget of the US on the following website – Though the following information should be consider as archive but if to dig a little deeper, it can be find a lot of interesting information. For american people who will read this article, i ask to forgive and ignore the form of expressions of errors of the US government departments, namely offensive words of the author, but to pay attention on the value of information and on the possible state budget cuts of unnecessary spending. National Air And Space Administration of the US (NASA) has requested $ 2.8 000 000 for construction of buildings for the deployment of 45 kg of stones taken from the moon. In 1975, NASA has also paid royalties to the author of landing on Mars. Author royalties for the article for 6 000 words was $ 140,000 note, every word was valued at $ 23. In 1978, the U.S. Department of Education spent $ 219.5 000 for the development of a special training course, which had to teach university students to properly right watch TV. But the winner is the following project: in 1975, the National Institute of Alcohol Studies of US has spent millions of dollars to determine: whether there are drunk fish aggressive or sober fish, whether young rats tend more than their mature specie, to drink alcohol for complacency and possibility to systematize the process of transformation rats to alcoholics.

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