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This publication i`ll try to write about possible The Third World War.
Winter in US was cold and i forecast hot summer, and more warmer political atmosphere in USA and it`s closest supporter EU, especially weather will be hot in America but in EU will be hot public policy.
Sometimes i remember my school times and my hanging time watching TV on which during the year were announced the most desired fight of the prowrestlers. US business is so developed that during year can not only hold but have more customers because of contacting with them. Years passed but not the technologies. Some of countries openly announce about political rivals and their nuclear programs (DPRK, Iran and other) and then using celebrities asks for peace (
Have you ever asked yourself why east and west mainly have problems in communication? I know answer on this question. East can`t be west as west can`t be east. USA and Europe are very familiar because of single culture in everything and these regions are differing from eastern regions. If Dwight “The Rock” Johnson will not fight for championship with John Cena he can`t be a champion. But if John Cena and Dwight Johnson will play in 1 team that team can be undefeatable. Consequently probably the 1 of reasons to prevent war between West and East is friendship which in policy calls as integration in economy, science and education.
China has more than $ 1,149.60 000 000 000 and Japan has more than $ 1,149.60 000 000 000 of american bonds ( How it know who pays that 1 orders music. Because of economical influence of China to USA America have to consider with it`s opinion in arms trade with Taiwan. If China which economy is just rising will buy eurobonds believe it will manage not only economical situation in Europe too.
I want to go to history for observe some interesting facts. After The Second World War East and West were become more clever because of harm which caused by wars of the beginning of the 21 century. After the Second World War, GDR like the first time after The First World War, to everyone’s surprise recovered from pain in economical, social and other spheres. After The Second World War USA become the most powerful country because of lending financial means to other damaged countries.
In the end of the 21 century the situation has changed in the world. The USA during 1 century – 100 years from the 1 of richest countries become 1 of the worst crisis and prone to financial collapse. 1 of the main indicator of US income is american GDP is closer to outcome – government debt. So, a little fluctuations of economy, pulls USA to abyss of failure, which isn`t also caused of a destruction of economy but because of social and international policy. The decreasing of Credit Rating of USA in 2011 year by Standard and Poors rating agency was 1 of the reasons of decreasing the USD to euro to 10 points during the whole year by any countries. Of cause decreasing of USD is very helpful for USA (the rest import directed countries have convert less local currencies) but it`s sign for USA which showed distrust to american economy and investing in it. If any countries rejects USD and US bonds american economy and force will stopped.
I`ve found 1 of interesting facts. According to information on the following website only 2 West countries have military forces more than others. Of 1 them is RF and other 1 is USA with 1,458,500 standing military personnel’s. According statistics of 2012 year except of USA and RF military forces of asian countries is more than rest world ( It`s pity but flagship of mankind civilization – the Western Civilization for that the rest world are indebted because of it`s science, technologies, education, culture, art and other finishes it`s exist.
1 of the big social problems of extinction of western civilization is banal – sexual culture. God`s punishment – AID only develops in Western Countries. Nowadays in the world are more than 34 000 000 AID and HIV infected people. The saddest AID and HIV infected people haven`t future because of absence cure of AID and HIV ( Any developing of the abnormal sex culture (homosexuality, zoophile and in general sexual promiscuity) will urge to self – termination of people. I ask you to understand me correctly. Without sexual act in civil marriage can exist and appear mankind but sexual deviations (abnormal orientations) causes to destruction of the people.
So, the West decreases it`s power by itself. Almost every asian country have no demographic crisis but “demographic development”))). China (more than 1 400 000 000) and India (more than 1 210 000 000) have more people than other put together countries.
It`s come time for global policy. Sparing fight, i mean war between East and West was in 25 June 1950 – 27 July 1953 in the edge of the world in Korean Peninsula and called Korean War. Republic of Korea with assistance of UN, USA, Columbia, 7 european countries, 2 african countries and even asian countries Thailand and Philippines fought against DPRK, PRC and USSR. During 3 years the losses of West were more approximately 800 000 people and East lost more than 1 400 000 people. But the Korean War occurred more than 50 years. Nowadays scientists (but i don`t want to call killers scientist) develops “Weapons of Mass Of The Day” that will serve to destroy the whole humankind at the same time.
Also i want to form of 21 century`s new teams of opponents. East could be represented by RF, Iran, China, DPRK, some countries from League of Arab States, CIS (former Soviet Countries), Syria and other Middle East Countries and of cause territory closest “Axis Of Good” which is formed by Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia and antiamerican. The list of West members is considerable too. There NATO and EU lead by USA, some proamerican arab countries Israel, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, SAR and other english speaking and proamerican countries. Anyway the harm of this war will be unimaginable and even this currently imaginable war can end the life in the Earth.
I dislike politicians who forget that they represent the interest of people but not theirs. The famous Mr. Ronal Reagan’s speech on 8 March 1983 and his quotation “Empire of Evil” which was addressed to Soviet Union only aggravated the situation but if he called USSR a friend maybe future problems could be prevented. During the course of “Translation Theory” i`ve heard a story according it because of incorrect translate or better to say because error of interpretation the war between USSR and USA could began. It`s story from Caribbean Crisis which happened because of increasing of arming between USA and USSR. Animals bearing of teeth and in generally aggression is hate by any rational people. Consequently the demonstration of military power and forces is just degrades international relations.
As you can see the force of information and word is great so I don`t want not to reconcile countries of East and West by myself only but it`s vital for anyone to make peace because anyone 1 a little part of single peace.
My literal career satisfies me and after sometime i`ll publish my poems on my literal blog

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