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In this article i observe the problems and solution of political and economical system of European Union.

My regards, my readers looking the problems of Euro Zone i see great problems which are not underscored by any EU institutions, scientist and officers worldwide. Even more i`m sure that without watching economical news which influents on policy (demonstration and strikes) the economical problems are expected. Perhaps, it needn`t to have a theomancy to predict the next regression of the EU economy.

Nowadays GDP of EU is on the green zone and indicates in 0.1 to 1.0 % But the countries of EU which falls down are increases. Who will be next after Cyprus is not hard to know if compare the GDP and sovereign national debts of european countries. It`s pity that only GDR GDP (income) is 1.2 % and more than it`s outcome (National Debts).

European institutions and parliament have many additional agencies but haven`t the unite management. How it known, if the many drivers manages the 1 car it have more opportunities to crush. The worse is no one wants to driver the EU economy by real and effective solutions. Many of recommendation of european parliament are not used by it`s countries individually. Cyprus seeks another ways to exit out of economical crisis asking RF for credit ( If comedian mister Gerard Depardieu can be serious and stops believing in France economy why Cyprus can`t?

The main problem of EU isn`t only absence of power consolidation but absence of single tax system, economical direction, government budget and other main indicators of economic power. It`s very difficult to aim the whole goals when family uses single car. Members of family permanently will clash because car`s maintenance, pouring gasoline because of exhausting it by someone and even more it will be problems with using the single car by whole family in their own different inland destinations. So, it`s easy now (until the money exists) to transfer financial tranches but it`s more hard to have it back. If return to our instance and parable with family it becomes evident that every family member uses the single petrol but some of them only pay. So, some of european countries have wick economy, scientific and educational potential of citizens, some of them great forces but any of countries uses the single euro. Many countries because of inflation of national currencies and therefore the lack of converting euros have a little quantity of this economic gasoline. So, the weakest countries not only waste the EU but itself too. Because of misbalance and absence of the unity of the main important economical instruments (GDP, inflation, tax system, level of unemployment and others) of european countries some of them falls deep and pulling others. Someone can agree with me someone not but currently, it`s become true as my some other investigations and forecasts.

1 of the biggest countries faults in economical crisis time is spending money for debt repayment to citizens and creditors. In this situation mainly previous debts closes by new financial aid but then when financial means ends the new debts appears from nowhere, precisely older debts changes by new 1. Thought after reading this study you can guess the real causes of lack of financial funds. Financial aid should work for economy growth firstly and which will appear financial means to pay.

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