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In this survey i propose to observe the modern political instruments and levers.

My regards, dear my readers. I want to begin with an interesting story my article. Last week 1 of internet criminal have sent actual business proposal in which he asks for bank transfer for have financial means of dead homonym. When i replied him praising his good writing abilities which is typical for writers, authors, copywriters and poets he had stopped writing me. It`s very funny (intellectual and well qualified thief) but it`s pity to someone who believes him. In Uznet i still found only 1 believer who made bank transaction in the amount of more than 6 000 USD to deceiver. Our modern world really becomes abnormal.

But it`s very interesting is that almost no one struggles with internet fraudulence but sometimes internet lawbreakers convicts not only administrative offenses criminal. Novel internet technologies allows to try on position of investigator or journalist by making investigation without leaving home by speed light, namely speed of internet connection. I don`t interested but heard that in internet are advertisements which advertisers offers the services of dog coaching for killing a man by biting his leg and then neck. I`m seriously proposing to appropriate services to hack the official websites of terroristic organizations which is become clever too recruiting followers and organizing terroristic acts worldwide by using the fast and overall instrument – “World Wide Web”.

Now i want to observe other political instruments which is also manages the world and it`s situation.

Mr. Barack Obama`s conception of “Self – Government” is a modern type of democracy which is “power of people”. Mr. Obama, from the 2012 began to develop the conception of outsourcing and crowdsourcing. On 2012 the former Secretary to State Mrs. Hillary Clinton officially about using services of hacker from the worldwide to hack touristic websites. By the fact the hacking of electronic mails of Benghazi war leaders on September 12, 2012-February 16, 2013 was served for easy managing the expected scenarios of “Arab Spring”, precisely to say expected for USA ( But how it known “In War As In War”. The modern technologies helped USA and NATO to win faster than in other war campaigns.

I want to proceeded my thoughts about “Self – Government”. During mr. Obamas presidency he improved the forms feedback with citizen by social surveys (polls), voting, spreading bills throw social networks. By the way, mr. Obamas people gathering in the White House borrowed other politics. Real stories of real men in Syria have been told by them on the 1 of The UN Security Council on March 2013.

On the Usnet i`ve found many power services of political management. Because of “Cold War” which is began from the second half of twentieth century the thoughts of americans about russians have crossed to 21 century. It evident for any rational human that it needs to stop the spread of antihuman and militant conceptions for prevents war conflicts.

I also noticed the liberation movements of Caucasus. Who have the right to separate the regions of foreign countries? I don`t know any other country which enters to internal policy of USA.

Therefore perhaps the USA has more political opponents than others. People don`t like dictators but friends. So, i think when something concerns to someone to it would be good to ask his opinion about it because the conflict of interests occurs when sides doesn`t to hear each other.

My ideology of “Co-Managment” is very simple. When neighbors have the single tree and some of them wants to cut down the fallen tree can hurt other 1.

Modern types of electronic democracy evidently have it`s lack because only in the heaven everything is perfect. When i`ve registered on well – known political blog which is visited by 2, 500 000 people monthly began to send me bill to vote without asking my opinion. Of cause some of them, namely the prevent of islamophoby was good and i`ve informed the appropriate departments about it (any violation born only violation and neglect). But then in newsletter were asked to vote for firing a member of parliament. Who also have the right to fire a man without giving him a chance and who is without sin cast a stone… It`s absolutely known that 2 500 000 people is a great power.

In USA is well developed electronic democracy, i don`t mean about freedom to something but electronical types of managing of government. In 2011 in USA began the integration of political oppression of US Senate throw “twits” of “Twitter”.

I`m contact and send my studies and articles and to several US and RF departments and i can say that it give good result for economy and therefore it`s ease for me to forecast the economy of this countries. Naturally, i`m understand that existed a long time ago and called lobbyism. But in comparison of lobbyism i like that i`m not asking for “Ferrari” but for progress the life of society which part am i. That is called a democracy when everyone could be heard but used only the best conceptions of them. How it known the managers is actually less than subordinates therefore every man should to build his common society.

For example international policemen “Foreign Policies” have approximately 300 000 readers ( It`s better to say not readers but followers. How it known in psychology thoughts materialize. A little “twits” really can change the world by changing worldview of it`s readers. Well known “Wikileaks” because of publication of compromising about USA foreign policy become famous (

Modern organizations which offer it`s services is analyzed a biggest possibility of having followers and potential clients worldwide via internet in which the amount of clients doesn`t depend on time (time of day) and place (geographical position).

But electronic government isn`t well developed in any countries. Nowadays some US services provides it`s services and documentation throw internet. But i think it would good to offer government services fully interactive. In this case problems with queue, a big staff of workers, maintenance of government premises and in the end corruption could be avoid because machine can`t be man with his weakness. The main problem before wide using of interactive services is system of identification which can be solved by creating scanners of man`s fingerprint or retina.

It`s pity to know how scientist who have scientific degree and more than 100 scientific papers leaves his way to business ( Mr. Boris Berezovskiy can be considered as scientist too. I think mr. Berezovskiy can help not to RF but human society by it`s scientific works and education of young scientists. The secret of dead of mr. Berezovskiy for was revealed after knowing the facts of his end. In 1 of his speeches he said: «Я не вижу смысла жизни» ( which is literary translated as “I don`t see the meaning of life” is should be an important document for involvement to the law case. Also, the doctors stated that mr. Berezovskiy had a complicated and chronic depression. Also, Mr. Berezovskiy has sent his safeguard for buying something. Some of specialist reputed that mr. Berezovskiy was killed by his creditors. But in this case creditor can`t back their financial means except of having it from his relatives who can sell his property.

So goes the world of man who sells his life to money regardless of laws and humanity.

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