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In this political and economic article i aim to write about current trends in migration policy.
Uzbekistan started lately cold days. It is snowing, for 2 days incessantly. Probably, this week monthly rainfall is already done. My last year’s meteorological forecast comes true. Little by little in the RF and the USA will begin heat waves.

For writing this paper, i prompted the current situation of the U.S. migration policy. In modern USA today is very difficult to find John and Peter. They are changed by Pedro and Juan, Mohammed, and Natasha. I`m very like an electronic encyclopedia “Wikipedia” is not only for the opportunity to update the content using the technology of “Wiki”, but that can be updated not only by people with the scientific degrees, but all the rest. In this case, reveals the truth of situation (phenomena) by maximum coverage of verification and research and, most importantly of all people who can choose the best and the screen out bad. According to “Wikipedia”, “indigenous” white americans of european type is already 72.4%, which is 223 553 265 ( I’m not a racist, and i love all races equally, but as we know historically the U.S. was a country of indigenous indians, white europeans (english, spanish, and french) and illegally exploited african-american workers, who subsequently according human laws and justice obtained equal legal rights as other people. But the current situation and the future of Europe and the US is foggy. If at the beginning of the Middle Ages, namely, from the forth century anno domini, “The Great Migration of Peoples” began with the poor suburbs of the “Holy Roman Empire” in it`s big cities, which in modern terms could be called megacities, but to the modern Western Countries arrives the whole nations from the rest of the world ( Asia, Africa, Central America and others). Modern american surnames (Nye, Seethwaran, Katzukis and others) it`s difficult to spell because of absence of knowing the rules of phonetics of this people`s ethnic. Perhaps the problem of the people migration lies in economy. When a person is overwhelmed more by money, than the spirituality he becomes like a dog, going to any place where shoots the dice. Probably an hour wage of $ 27 for US nurses satisfies even graduate doctors from other countries. ( For example, according to the internet users, who will not deceive himself for their benefit, in neighboring Mexico to USA monthly salary is $ 400 to $ 800 for doctors. (

If concern the issue of economic income, it`s known that Tajikistan receives about a third of it`s GDP through bank transfers it`s citizens who works abroad. Believe me, if these citizens worked at home not only because of paying of taxes, use of goods and services, but because of the creation of own goods and services Tajikistan’s GDP would have crossed the $ 7.5 000 000.
Also in my opinion i want to investigate the interesting and little study. To have US visa, the interview passes 1 to 200 men per day worldwide, and who pays as the commission fee $ 160 to $ 190. If we calculate the amount daily accumulations it`ll be minimum $ 32,000. And if multiply it to 3 it`s at least $ 96,000 for 1 week from 1 country. And if calculate the annual number of passengers who uses U.S. airlines, it don`t need to work in the U.S. Federal Reserve and US Court Of Auditors to identify U.S. revenue from tourism.

I think it should cancel the “Green Card”, but to develop the migration business. “Green Card” is known as the program that allows the arrival of legal and cheap labors from other countries. Because of the US` “Green Card” the USA overflows by uneducated and unintelligent people, which increases crime and regression in it and substitutes the USA by their national cultures.

“Problems with the foreigners” in the U.S. is mainly caused because of its migration policy. Obviously, the U.S. citizens are among the most educated in the world, but in the list of the average IQ, I would not put americans first. U.S. visa for needed and intelligent people more difficult to obtain than for the money buy a commercial ticket to the moon. To obtain a visa to the United States, there are about 15 types of visas but consuls can not find for me a good 1. If thereis no talent agency in Virginia that permanently sends me an invitations (casting calls) to participate in american show business, i would not try to arrive to the US, but because of respect of the people whom i need, i don`t tried to get a visa. Even i thought that the problem with me, but as it turned out the problem was with him. Incompetence of consul confirmed the fact that he forgot to give me my passport, for which i returned on the second day. How it was difficult to explain the consul in his language that all agencies normal person passes casting, and if he liked after it contracts with him but he wanted petitions and US contracts. Theoretically and practically, i can apply to local or international courts for compensation of moral and material damage of variable projects, but it would be a shame to me. Because in the first place i position myself as a God`s servant of who writes the moral and spiritual articles, studies and books.

To resolve the problem of illegal immigrants, i also have a solution in 1 sentence long. Any normal person in his life uses telephone, internet, plastic cards and other purchases of goods and services. Using personal information which uses customer to have above mentioned services and goods the Migration Service, every time can request and calculate the addresses of all the illegal immigrants and criminals.

Of course, paradise is nowhere on earth, but when i was because of my business in Tashkent, i wanted to live in a place where democracy doesn`t destroy, but it creates the society. I am glad that my ideas are used for the benefit of the people. At least in internet cafe during school hours is not taking students who need to learn and most importantly guide youth in the right direction, prohibiting viewing pornography and religious – extremist websites. I only regret that in our country there is persecution of evangelical Christians as me.

When i studied politics of Usnet, partially i disappointed of it. Almost the all political websites and blogs are prohibited criticism to political beliefs and sexual orientation. If it talk only about the good of the house, in which a fire, the fire can completely destroy the house. In addition, most of the political website is a formidable weapon in the face of the followers and the electorate.

I`m glad that i`m still publishing on good european social – political blog where even provides subdomain and improved author`s design at the following address But if starts repression against rational sense i move to an independent blog of “Google” where possible i will publish publications and articles about many other topics by the following address

I am also pleased that the majority of russian TV channels uses my strategy of the announcement of it`s services and products. Announcement allows not only maintain the target audition of any project, but are interested in a new 1. And i as friendly advice give a marketing advice for a million – stimulation of interactive by adding content by users. As it known people are always a lot and for them easily, swiftly more, and in a great quality to add it.

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