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In current political and economical publication i aimed to research modern biggest problems of the world society.

My regards, my dear readers, when i`ve recently watched movie Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles for me it was very interesting that for australians café which sells food on the road without drivers out of the car in Australia is considered as exquisite service or restaurant.
For me it seemed strange that american life is strange for english – speaking australians. It`s interesting that until now the most powerful country of the world USA has a great problems. In my previous publication i didn`t predict the terroristic acts but for it was evident it’s happening. Also the problems of US migration policy are ones more time demonstrates its weakness. In my opinion USA should be selective with giving “Green Card” to every illiterate and without knowing English migrant. US attempts to have cheap labor forces outcrops easy ways of hacking the society by migrants who in its turn can be easily recruited in their countries. Believe me Al Qaida members which approximately more 20 000 working not worse than intelligence agents finding the ways of spreading their ideologies. I asked to create an international website of terrorist and terroristic organizations many times but… When official terroristic organization (i don`t know the IQ of officials who registers and validates rivals) “Hizbut Tahrir`s” head quarter situates in the center of London, it don`t need to have questions with terrorism and future of UK. “Hizbut Tahrir” is a terroristic organization which officially aims to build islamic khaliphate but as you can understand without wrong people which is according shariat the all people who eats sausages, pork, don`t wear paranja and other. If you fulfill any mentioned above, i apologize because of calling you wrong man and you`ll live.
Without stopping an absolute democracy whish is destroys and will destroy european society it can be have a better life.
So, terroristic, gays, suiciced and other websites and sources which has violation and wrong sexual (any extramarital) content which is refer to popularization (life) of society have to be banned.
When i searched work of journalist in Usnet i`ve face with 1 website which is straightly demanded from freelance journalist to write about 7 biblical sins. Though because of my devoutness quickly closed website but this web – resource is led to think that that it can be funny but 10 biblical sins is direct manual to prevent global problems of any human society. For example the first commandment which is demands no to blaspheme God is taught us to estimate God and other authorities (family and government). When man doesn`t appreciates Perfect and Almighty God he`ll not (subconsciously and then really) respect other less powerful authorities and it can be cause of anarchy and crushes.
Also it`s interesting that in Venice called a prostitute that woman who have more than 1 husband. In west press editions public persons who have many spouses and even more having immoral life style living without registration as cohabitant. Without registration of marriage man after saturation and annoying of 1 partner wants to has another’s. How it isn`t taste italian pizza everybody wants new 1.
Freshly, the profile of “Associated Press” was hacked by hackers. If be honest, it isn`t difficult to hack the website because any of SSL and TLS coding has single executioner scripts and even more tutorials are exists in “Youtube”.
Russian telejournalist boast about finding of Belgorod maniak quickly (2 days) than americans finding (3 days) Tzornaev brothers but in Belgorod shoot openly in the street where was a lot of witnesses. Apparently, terroristic sabotage can prevent by having web or other cameras on the biggest events which collects hundreds of people and in the biggest streets of cities.
Unfortunately, West civilization continues its way to nowhere. It`s also pity that west people don`t comprehending their errors and God`s punishment goes on make their faults.
In moral life until Uzbekistan and some of other asian countries can be an example. The population of China and India is more than 1 000 000 000. In Uzbekistan the quantity of population is increased over 30 000 000 in area of 448 900 ( Sometimes it’s good when the centralized power is more fluent in country. When several people try use PC the work can`t be executed. But other in other turn when power is on the absolutely undemocratic authorities as DPRK. DPRK`s GDP yearly during 10 years growth no more than 4 % ( and now it`s 32 000 000 000. In DPRK currently is banned internet and mobile network. How it`s known in racing drivers don`t waiting crushed cars. The closest culturally and ethnically even more its 1 nation but separated South Korea governs the world directing its development selling their techniques and IT products of famous companies “LG” and “Samsung”. Nowadays brothers of DPRK South Koreas GPD is more than 1 500 000 000 ( South Korea`s economics results is better 80 times than DPRK`s. South Korea step by step hogs car industry too. “Kia”, “Sanyong”, ”Hunday” and others catches the world markets of car industry.
In the end of 90 years of 20 century the USA GDP was approximately 60% of the worlds. But after selling technologies and moving industrial production for cheaper return of labor (small salaries, cheap maintenance of factories and materials) in China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and the Eastern Countries this countries become richer but USA poorer. How it known when there is no food man for live should buy it or have for a time from neighbor. So, when in country doesn`t producing food, apparel, car, IT and High Technologies to live it buys from others import by high cost, but because of exhausting of internal market rises inflation and deficit.
Now PRC have % 60 of the world`s clothes production. It`ll dangerous for PRC opponents when it`ll strengthen car industry (transport is permanent well asked article) too. PRC influent in weapon sells between USA and Taiwan threatening american by selling bonds

I`m very pleased reading who some of the european and american news editions uses my methodics of using facts, figures, comparative analysis and others which are the key of any solving of any enigmas and problems. Mainly, not only mass media but others too because of information noise doesn`t reach its purposes interfering by themselves hearers.

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